Monday, June 7, 2010

One step forward.

So many things to complete. The list of the far reaching places that the tentacles of marriage reached is incredible. All the profiles, taxes, health care and stuff that have to be changed. Have I got every one of them? I doubt it because every day something new comes up. Soon it will be completed I guess.
I have a second job because I need the activity. It gets me out of the house and amongst people. Hell it gets me out of my safe comfort zone of staying to myself and talking to my animals. Well I still talk to them. This job is nothing complicated. I pour beers at a brewery and act like I know something about them. I play crappy cult and b movies for my own enjoyment on the TV. What other job can you do that at and get payed? I have met some interesting people and it has helped me that they liked me back. So yay for my self esteem.