Monday, June 7, 2010

One step forward.

So many things to complete. The list of the far reaching places that the tentacles of marriage reached is incredible. All the profiles, taxes, health care and stuff that have to be changed. Have I got every one of them? I doubt it because every day something new comes up. Soon it will be completed I guess.
I have a second job because I need the activity. It gets me out of the house and amongst people. Hell it gets me out of my safe comfort zone of staying to myself and talking to my animals. Well I still talk to them. This job is nothing complicated. I pour beers at a brewery and act like I know something about them. I play crappy cult and b movies for my own enjoyment on the TV. What other job can you do that at and get payed? I have met some interesting people and it has helped me that they liked me back. So yay for my self esteem.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The finale

In the mail was a nondescript white document style envelope. Opening it up were the final, filed and recorded by the clerk of the court, divorce papers. At last it is over and I am not legally tied to her. At last my time has come and I don't have to be abased and emasculated by behaviour I chose to overlook and make excuses for.
Now what will I do from here?

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The utter lol of it all. Here is the brilliant plan they had at the tap job. The marketing people decided that the way to draw more people in mid week was to have music or live entertainment of some sort. "of some sort". So last night "Wizdom" the "Afro-rap poet" was the feature entertainer. Slam poetry is usually a hideous bad thing, this was no exception. Really? The crack ace squad of the marketers figured that this was the right artist for the demographic of people that currently frequent the bar. WTF!!! People couldn't drink up and get out of there quick enough. Thanks for helping with my tips marketing team.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am now on the road to single-hood. a bittersweet thing, love-hate. I just don't know where I will go and how it will be. I want what I think everyone wants, happiness. The new day starts now.

Friday, March 5, 2010

OH my shield the gentle folk fom this!

5March 2010
So it is finally happening and in light of everything that has gone on in the past it is about time. Dragged out over about 10 no 15 years. What the fuck I threw my youth away staying in a marriage that made me unhappy. Now my so called darling bride, my so called High school sweetheart, finally made it clear that her desire was to do things differently. To go out every night and not feel guilty. I, a horrible human, made her feel guilty for staying out all night and going around acting like a single woman. Fucking whore cunt. I am sick of her, done. Don’t care no more, go the fuck away then. Yes yes yes you can have your freedom… oh I am so broken up. She said things about how I am so old acting and unhappy and no fun. That I act like I don’t care and the house has deteriorated into a filthy hovel. Well okay so be it. If this is how she has felt then why the fuck can I not get rid of her? She is hanging on and not moving out. This all really started back in September of 2009. We finally talked in January 2010 and I said, because she was just doing that P-A not talking sulking shit, we should go our separate ways. Waa waaa waaa she then tells me she is going to Philly again to visit Denise, yeah right there is more to that story I am sure, and she is leaving on Tuesday. This was on a Sunday. I asked her when she was going to tell me this, Monday was the response. Bitch you are disrespectful, dishonest and dishonorable. Fuck you. So February we go see the mediator because in Arizona if both people can agree to things the divorce can be done through mediation. I am soooo agreeable, a picture of niceness and civility. We get things all laid out with the mediator. Of course even though I have to still live with this vermin she can’t ask or discuss anything with me. I have to wait until the mediator sends out an email. Oh she wants $XXXXX dollars for new furniture and things because she has to start over and she doesn’t want to take any of the shit she bought for this house. Excuse me? What the fuck I didn’t like the shit when she bought it. The woman has no sense of decorating style and the couch was uncomfortable the tables ugly and the colors so 1970’s. Oh yeah….SHE WANTED AND INSTIGATED THIS SHIT! So I now have to pay her so that she can have her cash and carry divorce. It suddenly hit me that the way she was doing things that everything she was taking didn’t require a large truck. Her and her man hating whore friends could roll up in their PT-losers and load up and be on her way. So what the fuck. I think she is going to move out of state. Something is up with the way she planned this. She does things for a reason, she thinks of me as being a big dumbass, having said so several times, but I catch on to some things.
So here is hoping that I can continue being a civil and agreeable sort through to April 12th when the papers go to the court and get entered. Then it is bye bye bitch hope you enjoy your Karmic fucking debt.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Saint Valentine the Martyr.

So this dude was marrying christians and the Roman emperor was against that shit and he had the priest arrested. He kind of liked the friar because he knew some funny jokes and could do some awesome card tricks. But then Father Valentine started in on Emperor Claudius to become a catholic. Well Claudius was having none of that so he had Valentine beaten and stoned and then beheaded. His heart was ripped from his body and put on a spike.
Through the years things have gotten lost in translation and now we are stuck with this jacked up holiday where we buy overpriced flowers and jewelery. I propose we go back to the roots and get some good ol' fashioned stonings and beatings going again. Should go over well. I want to see the hallmark card!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new Year and a new life?

Bowie said something about ch-ch-ch-changes. Change frighten the heck out of people me included. I have deluded myself that I could avoid change but that is just nonsense. Change is thrusted upon us whether we want it or not. So time to grab thee horns jump on it's back and ride that bull into the new year. Yee haaaawwwwww!!!!